Flow is everything: Synchrony. Adequacy. Flexibility. Agility. Transparency. Commitment. Now.

We have learned that creativity is not everything in real projects. I wish it was, but no.

So, we built our workflow [dFlow] to provide solutions. Solutions not only creative, but also adequate in time, budget and quality.

We organise the distinct activities of the study in work cells inside the Flow. Each cell works coordinated with its surroundings in fast iterative cycles.

Pre Production Cell

At Direction Cell we develop the Briefing, Moodboards, Concept, Rough and the Project. To his time, In the Preparation Cell, we take the project and from it, we elaborate the Planning, Storyboard, Pre-Animatics and Styleframes.

Direction: An idea needs to mature, structure, crystallise in a creative but orderly form. Here we control this crystallisation in all Directions: Art, Technical and of Project Directions.

Preparación: Here is where we really play. We take your ideas, give them substance and test creative alternatives together. See them with the eyes, no longer only with the mind. Here everything is [still] possible.

Production Cell

Production Cells are 3D, 2D and Audio. Here we realise the 3D Modeling, 3D Composition and 3D Animation. In the 2D Cell we do Boards Design, the 2D Composition and 2D Animation. And finally, the Audio Cell is the attendant of Audio clips creation/selection, its Edition and Mastering.

3D Production: Spaces. Volumes. Movement. Creativity and Technique in execution. They are the keys that distinguishes between a 3D project success and... the another way is not an option.

2D Production: Motiongraphics. Our origin, our mastering. Animation 2D and filming joins, both summoned by Design.

Audio: Have good hearing. We know to find the right sound. To thrill. To convince.

Post Production Cell

At Post Production Cell we mix 2D & 3D compositions, making Final Adjustments and Final Edition of works.

Post Production: The coctel. The result of all previous effort integration. A mix which must be prepared with a cool taste, with the exact proportion for success.

Media Adjustments: Each Media has it's own touch. Here we make theese adjustments for a prefect integration in your campaign.

  • TV Broadcast
  • Online
  • Multimedia
  • Mapping

This it is how we do it. In general lines. More or less. The details... are secret ;)

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